Paul Carson – Vomit

Ten-Midnight got an insight from Vomit’s Paul Carson (guitar and vocals), into what songs inspired and shaped his musical life.

Play: The Damned – NOISE NOISE NOISE

I bought The Damned single ‘Love Song’ when I was 10 years old and the first track on the B-Side ‘Noise Noise Noise’ Blew me away with dark guitar riffs mixed with straight rock n roll guitar. I’ve been hooked on Captain Sensible’s guitar style since often plagiarising his style into some of the new VOMIT songs.



Play: UK Subs – War Head

The local youth club had a disco on Friday nights and that’s where I heard ‘War Head’ for the first time. I remember it because some kid tried to headbutt me as we were jumping around to the song and a fight broke out. We got sent home and banned from youth club for two weeks. Still love the track though.


Play: Dead Kennedys – Police Truck

Again a single I bought had the darker more hard-hitting song as a B-Side from the ‘Holiday in Cambodia’ single this song was hard and gritty yet it had a flavour of psychobilly bands like the ‘Cramps’ I liked the diversity of it.


Play: The Gonads – I Lost My Love (To a UK Sub)

I swapped a copy of ‘The Dickies – Nights in white satin’ with a mate for a copy of ‘The Gonads – Pure Punk For Row people’ Extended EP which had five tracks on it. At the age of twelve year old I didn’t see the difference between first and second generation Punk, Oi or Ska I just loved it that there was an alternative to the crap being churned through the charts at the time and still do.


Play: Stiff Little Fingers – Nobody’s Heroes

Discovering SLF was a eureka moment for me. The melodies, guitar riffs and lyrics all worked together to make punk anthems that still to this day puts crowds into a frenzy. I remember ‘Nobody’s Heroes’ especially as my Dad asked me and my sister to play him some music one night, my sister played the recorder and I was learning guitar. He told me I would never be a musician because I didn’t know musical theory like my sister did. This actually just inspired me to think F**K YOU!! I will learn and play it. As it turns out in the last few years I’ve played shows with many of the bands on this list. “Where is your recorder now sister”


Play: Slaughter and the Dogs – What’s Wrong Boy

I used to go around a mates house who had an older brother with a huge Punk record collection, we would sit for hours listening to his records. After a lot of begging he finally agreed to record a cassette tape full of his favourite Punk bands and the first track on that tape was ‘What’s Wrong Boy’ by S.A.T.D. It also opened me up to a lot of bands that’s weren’t as mainstream as what I had been listening to up to that point.


Play: Crass – Big A Little A

I bought this single just because the cover opened out into a poster which I could use on my bedroom wall. ‘Big A Little A’ was a great track but I thought Crass were a bit weird.


Play: Discharge – Decontrol

I went to visit a cousin who was into reading the ‘Beano’ Magazine and ‘Bus spotting’ (wtf?) so I suggested we play ‘Decontrol’ on his mum’s record player for something to do. Thirty seconds into the record his mum rushed into the room and told me “We don’t allow stuff like that in this house, please turn it off”. I never got asked back to visit but have played a few shows with ‘Discharge’ Ha.


Play: The Outcasts – Mania

At fifteen year old I started my first job where I got paid £15 per week. Woohoo time to start buying albums. One of the first LP’s I bought was ‘Punk and Disorderly’ Vol1, ‘Mania’ stood out as one of my favourite tracks. We recently played a show with the ‘Outcasts’ and they were a great bunch of lads.


Play: Angelic Upstarts – Last Night another Soldier

I now look old enough to get served beer in the pubs, so every weekend we would go get drunk down the local rugby club and ‘Last Night another Soldier’ was our favourite song request at the disco.


Favourite song ever:

Play: The Ruts – Staring at the Rude Boys

This song has always been a masterpiece of music for me. Still to this day I don’t think I’ve heard a song that stands out like it.


Favourite song you have been involved in musically:

Play: Vomit – China White

We are just working on a new album at the moment and so far one my favourite tracks to emerge from this is ‘China White’. For me, it has an old school mix of Punk and Ska and good fun to play.