Chaos 8

Chaos 8 initially got together in North East England around 2012, gathering in a 5 piece band for the task ahead of making loud powerful music with razor-sharp lyrics.


The band has a hard edge-driven beat that gets under your skin, complementing the higher pitch of lead vocalist Beki who prowls the stage delivering all the emotions that the lyrics demand. Releasing their first album “Burn” in 2014 they got off to a hell of a start, setting the tone for what the band were intending musically.

Play: Chaos 8 – Make Me Believe


The last album “Cause and Effect” came out in 2016 which only enhanced their sound, driving beats surrounded by sometimes haunting melodies from the keyboard. Their sound has once again been added to the bill for the Rebellion Festival, after making an impression on last years on the introducing stage. With Husband Stephen Straughan also busy with his own bands Hi-Fi Spitfires and part of the legendary UK Subs, there may not be time left over for their joint venture Loaded 44 or Beki’s clothing business Racket Clothing unless the days get an extension.  

Band Members: 
Beki Straughan, Paul Williams, James Bowey, David Mooney & Stevie Foster


“Cause and Effect” has also just been released on transparent red vinyl for those who like their music with vintage crackle, they won’t be around long as only 300 have been pressed, message the band below for more details.




Racket Clothing