Crooked Little Sons


Loud Rock ‘N’ Roll influenced Punk/Psychobilly sounds, heavy beats to shrieking guitars, The Crooked Little Sons are not coming quietly through your speakers. Formed in 2013 they have taken influence from a cross-section of genres, including The Hives, The Subways, Jim Jones Review, Slaves, Little Richard, and  Johnny Cash that shaped their own distinct sound. With the ep “Crooked” coming out in 2013 and another “Cats & Rats” released in 2016, it’s definitely time for some more blistering frantic tunes from the Exeter band.

Play: Crooked Little Sons – Something To Say


That new music comes in the shape of a split EP with Arizona Law called “Crooked Law” which is out now, and with the new single, “Fick” coming out in early March 2018 things are looking good for the band.

Band Members:

Josh – Vox/Guitar
Larry – Bass
Lee – Drums