Victor Sierra

Victor Sierra leads you into a vaporous and multicolored universe through unexplored paths down to a future that could have been… In a bloody sky, the airship Hydrogen Queen keeps a steady pace while very special trains can fly leaving the road not taken. On stage, the Legendary Converted Princess’s and Commander Bob and Big Machine’s energies invite you to go beyond the horizon line, to be stirred in unison and to live unpredictable experiences. Enter Victor Sierra’s universe…

Play: Victor Sierra – Unquiet Days

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Commander Bob Eisenstein: The Hydrogen Queen’s Commander Doesn’t like to be disturbed when flying high in the currents of inspiration. Likes Bourbon and conversations where questions are the answers to questions. Likes to convert improbable ideas into impossible visions. His lyrics remain obscure because the obvious is boring. Highly unpredictable.

Commander Bob

The Legendary Converted Princess, Anouk Adrien:  Mysterious voyager into the unknown. Loves poetry of the living past. Enjoys Rum, distorted guitar sounds, and oceans of every hue.  Creator of fabric from the breathe of steam engines She is a worthy opponent to the commander — enjoys challenging him with intelligent arguments.  Always wears Chinese red lipstick. Highly reliable.

The Legendary Converted Princess

Big Machine: A self-made cyborg constructed from parts of unknown origin and a long time trans-humanist member of the Difference Engine League. He is the master of interpreting the future and past in any available time anomaly. Talks loud or shuts the fuck up — nothing in between. Enjoys analogical lullabies and coffee black as night. Highly unsociable.

Big Machine

Previous Releases:

Secret Page – EP.

Electric Rain – Album.

Panic in the Gondola – Single.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow – Album.

The X-mas Case – Single.

Angels Roll Out the Night – Single.

Go for the Strange – Album.

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Tour dates so far:

May 5th: Steampunk World’s Fair (US)
July 12th-: Bannermans Bar (Edinburgh) 
July 13th: Northstar Rising (Durham)
July 14th: Hebden Bridge Steampunk Weekend (Hebden)
Sept. 29th: Anno 1900 (Luxemburg)
(more shows to be announced)


Band Members: 
The Legendary Converted Princess, Commander Bob & Big Machine.
Website – (And we’ll soon launch our new market page on our website)
Photos courtesy of Alienation Photography.