From the initial release of 1000 copies of their debut single “Meat Abstract” in 1989, Therapy? have now notched up an incredible 2 million album sales worldwide.  An unbelievable achievement for a band that started in the small Northern Irish towns of Ballyclare and Larn, with both populations less than a premiership football team, opportunities were limited. Andy Cairns and Fyfe Ewing got together with Michael McKeegan to start a journey that is still continuing today, with the band now preparing for their 15th studio album with Andy and Michael still in attendance.

Play: Therapy? – Nowhere


It took till 1994 for the band generate real commercial success with the release of the highly thought of “Troublegum” album, opening the door to a number of opportunities at another level to what the band had previously been used to including a Mercury Prize nomination.

Play: Therapy? – Trigger inside


Although they have not reached the same level of success with their work since then, Therapy? Are a band that you feel just may be biding their time before they create something else that’s a bit special.  Back once again as a 3 piece in 2018 they might be again capable of recreating that individual full-on sound that has crossed over genres and attracted audiences around the world with their uncompromising sound.


Therapy? are:

Andy Cairns– lead vocals, lead guitar

Michael McKeegan– bass, backing vocals

Neil Cooper– drums