If you were standing outside listening to a Vulpines gig you would be mistaken for thinking that there was a 4/5 piece band attacking the audience with a multitude of instruments, making more noise than a barroom brawl over a spilled pint. In fact, the all-female duo are not only making a racket loud enough to waken Dublin, their sound is traveling further afield with a growing reputation. Maeve Molly vocals and guitar and Kaz on Drums are producing some imaginative compositions that are intelligent and cunning, rather like the Fox that they take their name from but with melody.

Play: Vulpynes – Silica


The band delivers a mixture of sounds derived from the Punk and Grunge scene, with heavy beats behind a brash in your face guitar that throws out hooks, reverb and distortion to accompany the abrasive vocals that are pretty with attitude. This year ahead looks to be a busy one for the Vulpynes with a multitude of gig dates including a Rebellion slot, they also have the release of their debut ep on 1st March on Headcjheck Records.





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