Pirates Press Records is proud to introduce the newest members of their ever-growing family, DeeCracks. This 15-year-old three-piece has played over 800 shows on 4 continents, and released records all over the world – all D.I.Y., with some serious love and attitude. They are a brilliant band, who are really giving it their all – and we see them as a great fit, and an amazing addition to the Pirate sound system.


Along with a pair of fantastic videos, DeeCracks are starting the year off with some crazy shows in Israel, lots of European touring in March, April, May and September/October, a tour of Canada in June, and Japan in October/November. These guys don’t let up, and they’re not slowing down anytime soon – so if you have the opportunity to check out one of their gigs in 2018 – DO IT. For your own sake!

For now, this incredible new album will have to tie you over – 15 brand new tracks, and none over three minutes – just the type of way this music should be! Fast, fun, clever, catchy and true to form, “Delusions” is a perfect introduction for some, and just the next great fix for DeeCrack’s unbelievably loyal fanbase all over the world.


1. Standing On My Head – Play
2. Step 4
3. Mentalane
4. All Along
5. Left Out Of Mind
6. Shambles – Play
7 Montreal Nights
8. Mexican Standoff
9. It’s Been A While
10. Watch Out!
11. On Your Own
12. Substitute
13. Holiday Season
14. Valentine – Play
15. Turn Away
16. Do Anything You Wanna Do

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