The Wildhearts

The very talented yet turbulent existence of the Wildhearts has seen a multitude of musicians contributing to the band’s rich history, delivering more than their fair share of memorable melodic rock tunes since 1989. Emerging from The Quireboys after an encounter with a flight of stairs and a bottle of Jack Daniels, Ginger was convinced he should start his own band and has been the only constant member of the band since then. Reluctantly taking over the singing duties after a few early demos the Wildhearts sound would soon be found and flourish quickly, releasing 2 EPs in 1992 before the breakthrough material that belonged to their first album emerged “Earth Vs the Wildhearts”.

Play: The Wildhearts – Suckerpunch


With the band riding on that success it should have been the time to capitalise,  but instead, they made line up changes to the band, which were to be a common occurrence for the Wildhearts. Ginger has not always sailed the Wildheart ship through calming waters,  navigating through stormy seas which is so common in a Rock ‘N’ Roll bands. Dealing with his own personal issues as well as a revolving door of musicians some being of his own doing, he still comes up with the goods of loud melodic riff-laden tracks that swing you round like a pleasant meat hook in the ear.

Play: The Wildhearts – 29 x The Pain


His other projects for some reason don’t reach those heights or instill those welcoming harmonies in your head until they have the Wildhearts Moniker attached. Although there have been no recent releases from the band, they are taking on a national tour starting in May 2018 as well as some festival bookings, bringing a back catalogue to venues not to be missed.

Play: The Wildhearts Anthem


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