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The emergence of Punk in the mid 70s ignited changes not only in music but throughout industry and society in general, remnants from the movement are seen in clothes, design, as well as the DIY movement of journalism, Record labels and promotion etc. A huge change was also evident in that women grasped the platform to perform and protest in the same way as their male counterparts which was  unusual previously, one woman who was at the forefront of the Punk scene was Gaye Advert Bass player for the band The Adverts. Although having a short existence they left a legacy of music that is still relevant today, with songs like “One Chord Wonders”, “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and   “No Time to Be 21” still being played around the world.

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Although unknown at the time Gaye’s unique DIY image and individualism was to have a huge impact on female fashion, a look that you can still see on the street, the stage, as well as the fashion industry nearly 40 years on from the band splitting. Gaye Black as she is now known, uses her creative talents today as an artist, displaying her creations around the country. We asked her about the music that has shaped her life and the songs that are most important to her while growing up, and those that have had the greatest impact on her as a person.

Play:  The Beatles – She Loves You.


This was the first ‘pop song’ I heard, I was only 6 or 7, and it was in Victoria Park in Bideford, and I begged my parents to buy it for me.

Play: The Monkees – I’m a Believer.


Again, there was something irresistible about it and I would play it over and over.

Play: The Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown.


It was a bit wilder than most of the singles I had by then. I swapped one of my records for it with a boy from the youth club we attended.

Play: Thunderclap Newman – Something in the Air.


There’s something magic about the effect it has, dreamy, and truly a one off. And it’s got one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard on the b side. I can’t believe anyone who likes the A side could also like Wilhelmina!

Play: Hawkwind – Silver Machine.

silver machine 2

A classic, still sounds as great now as it did back in 1972, when it was really innovative. Reminds me of seeing them live in Barnstaple and Exeter when I was 16, a fantastic experience.

Play: Captain Beefheart – Big Eyed Beans From Venus.

hqdefault (1)

Like nothing else, and it always had to be listened to LOUD.

Play: Ramones – I Don’t Care.


Genius, so simple but so perfect. I used to play it nearly every day back in 1977.

Play: Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit.


After taking the ’80’s off music pretty much, I started hearing this song while driving around California and vowed to find out what it was and get hold of it when I got back to London. It stood out from the dreary mainstream stuff that I was subjected to back then and truly started me off checking out music and discovering bands again.

Play: Iggy Pop – Search and Destroy.


The soundtrack to my years at Torquay art school and another life changer.

Play: Slagmaur – Hansel unt Gretel.


The sound of being in a nightmare, slow and menacing with a unique unhinged edge. Compelling and all-enveloping.

Favourite song of all time.

Play: A Place to Bury Strangers – I know I’ll See You


It’s impossible to choose an all time favourite track as it changes constantly, and so many songs make me think ‘that’s the best song ever’ while I’m listening to them, and then a few hours later something else seems like the best ever! The last best track I heard in 2017 was ‘I know I’ll See You’ by A Place to Bury Strangers’. I was watching a horror film and the song was playing in one of the scenes, so I researched it and bought three albums by them as I liked it so much. It’s not that often that I ‘discover’ a new band these days so I was really happy.

Favourite song you have been involved in musically.

Play: The Adverts – One Chord Wonders


I think maybe ‘One Chord Wonders’ was the song I’m most proud to have worked on, as it was the first and most anthemic Adverts track and had a fantastic energy.

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These are the latest  upcoming art shows that Gaye Black will be involved in:

Joint show with Charlie Harper – Waterloo Square Gallery, Alfriston  – June  2018

Rebellion Festival art show – Winter Gardens Blackpool  – August 2018

Rock & Roll Art Show – Underdog Gallery, London  – September 2018

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