Leeds 3 piece Nosebleed have given notice that their new album is on the way, the 6th April will see the release of  ‘Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor’ and have had the pleasure of listening to it.


There is no hanging about with Nosebleed, we are straight into the belly of the beast with the 54 sec “I’m Okay” making the Ramones sound like “Bohemian Rhapsody”. A purposeful lively attack on the guitar introduces the vocals, with the strings set at rapid they career along only to be interrupted in a staggering stuttering melody before its over. There is no let up in the string movement but this time backed by a heavier beat for “I’m Shaking”, with shades of 50s Rock ‘N’ Roll running through the garage band growl. Nosebleed have no time to serenade you with instrumentals or complicated key changes, short sharp shocks are the order of the day with the longest track on this album being 2mins 15 secs from start to end.

Play: Nosebleed – Scratching Circles


There may be a predictability of the guitar sound running through some of the songs here, but this is more of a signature being left by the band than the inability to make good music. A rumbling of drums is at the forefront of “Start Again” & “Everybody”, having a heavier sound than the previous tracks. The garage style of Nosebleed is raucous and relentless with an at times demented vocal on fast forward, with each member of the band trying to reach the finish musical line first.  The final track on the album is less frantic and has a heavier bass-driven beat, the 50s style jangling guitar is mesmerising before descending into a crescendo of noise and feedback.


“Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor” comes into your head like an angry wasp in the summer, causing alarm and disarray around your head, getting the blood pumping before flying out the window again. Nosebleed have put together an13 track album that lasts as long as some EPs, but its well worth a listen more than once.

Nosebleed are:

Vox and Axe – Eliott Verity
Vox and Bass – Ben Hannah
Drums – Dicky Riddims




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