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Faz Waltz new album Double Decker out now, buy it here.

Faz Waltz Double Decker Front[4540]

The eagerly awaited new album from Faz Waltz has made its entrance into the world, reclaiming the best of the early 70s sounds for themselves that would get any dance floor packed. The 11 tracks including the recent single “Julie” are filled with the band’s trademark stomping tunes, taking inspiration from the music of the Glitter Band, Sweet, T-Rex and of course, Slade, Faz Waltz already have a reputation outside their Italian borders which seems to be increasing rapidly.

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The album is straight into party mode with “Shaking Like An Hooligan”, its full of rattling drums, 3 chords nods of the head and a twinkling of ivory on the piano. Faz Waltz don’t complicate things too much with arrangements and structures, this is feel-good sing-along music that requires audience participation in the key of F for fun. Next up is the single from the album “Julie” which starts with a tuneful guitar intro, before admiring the qualities of the female gender in the hope of some recognition back (Basically, he wants the girl, will she want him). Its an upbeat track that has a repetitive memorable chorus, with a build-up to an isolated drum and vocal towards the end.

With more than a passing resemblance to “C’mon Feel the Noize”  the pace slows a little with “Come on and Squeeze Me” which melodically plods along at a hands waving in the air pace. Then “Millionaire” picks up the heavy beats again bringing the energy Faz Waltz can bring to a song, Intermittent short sharp guitar solos the order of the day here with great effect. We are then reeled back in reminiscing about Marc Bolan’s acoustic guitar and corkscrew hair evident in “Is This The Way”, a different direction from the band’s usual pathway but still in keeping with the 70s theme the album has. The final track on the album is a little disappointing to be another slow number with the piano and vocal’s at the forefront of the ballad, personally, I would have preferred a rabble-rousing foot stomping finally to finish the album as this for me is where the band are just that bit different.


The quality of 1970s music before Punk is sometimes lost in a yawn of Progressive rock, but there were song’s out there that really grabbed you by the balls and Faz waltz have taken that feeling and captured it in their own sound. The latest album “Double Decker” starts as strongly as the band have ever been and ends with a slower new dimension to their sound. Faz Waltz at there best get people out of a chair quicker than a precisely place drawing pin under the buttocks and have reclaimed the tunes that those around in the 70s stomped the dance floor to under 6-inch soles.

Faz Waltz new album Double Decker out now, buy it here.


Faz Waltz are:
Faz La Rocca: Vocals-Guitar-Piano
Diego Angelini: Bass
Marco Galimberti: Drums