The DeRellas

The DeRellas new single “High Rise Supersize” out April 13th


The DeRellas are about to unleash another Glam size slice of Punk Rock melody upon us, with the new single “High Rise Supersize” available from 13th April 2018. The 3 track EP lives up to all the glorious 70s infused riffs The DeRellas are known for, with the vocals and rhythm guitar now being acosted by Joey DeRella it seems like another seamless transformation has taken place.

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A typical DeRellas intro to “High Rise Supersize” from guitarist Luca, that gets the feet twitching before the rattling drum throws you down the musical alleyway of the first track. Closing your eyes on this title track helps you visualise the windmill arm guitar and lunges towards the audience, in the true spirit of the Derellas this is today’sS music to dance to without a beard or strummed acoustic in sight. We are not let down with the big singalong chorus either, which will be another live audience participation track that gets a few fists in the air.

The next track “Something to Say” has a heavier more sinister guitar sound that has a little more repetitive vocals throughout, crashing in with a cymbal it rumbles along at a steady pace with clear more upfront vocals. Frustrations about being heard may be the subject but there are no concerns with the volume this track has, It’s not as strong as the title track but a good addition to the new release.

There could hardly be a better choice for the Derellas to cover than “Fox on the Run” by legendary glam pioneers The Sweet, it finishes of the EP with some harmonic history. The thudding intro prepares us for a lesson in tribalistic drums and strums laid on a 3 chord bed of riffs, the chorus echoes through the song before being rudely interrupted by the enthusiastic chorus. Im sure you need no introduction to the original song and wouldn’t say that the DeRellas have changed Sweet FannyAdams on it,  but they have kept whats great about the song and put their own stomp on things that definitely works.

Tour Dates:

The High Rise Supersize tour is underway and includes another rebellion slot, catch the DeRellas near you to check out the new single for yourself.

Play: The DeRellas at Rebellion


Band Members
Joey DeRella: vocals/ rhythm guitar. Timmy DeRella: bass/ backing vocals.
Luca DeRella: lead guitar/ backing vocals. Bish : Drums