Missiles of October

Missiles of October give you their “Better Days”album free !!!

MOO_DIGIFILE-pochette v2-1

Play: Missiles of October – No Brain No Headache

Missiles of October are a Belgian band formed  in 2012 by 3 old guys who play dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! With 2 albums and  3 EPs already released they now give you “Better Days” the 2016 album free. Missiles Of October offer up ten tracks of raw and dirty sounding punk, grunge, sludge, and noise rock.

 Download it here Free!


Band Members:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream


23.02.18: Liege @ Old youth asso Minifest
25.02.18 : Bruxelles @ garcia lorca Bring the Noize fest #1 + Black Blues Mantra + Atomic Vulture
17.03.18: Dour @ Bokal
24.03.18: Bruxelles @ Bunker + Speedozer
28.04.18: bruxelles @ barlok + Unlogistic + Binaire +
19.05.17 : Etterbeek @ ASBL backstage
20.07.18: Luxembourg @ The Spirit of Music “SOM”
More to come



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