If you’re looking for a little raw aggression with added melody, you could be aware of Deathtraps already. But if not the three-piece Newport band rose from the demise of The Sick Livers, and are now blending heavy bass sounds with the edgy guitar melody that wraps itself around the dark subject matter of their lyrics.

Play: Deathtraps – Bulletproof


The latest album “Justice for the Risca One” could very well be a “How did I not Know About This” moment for some, mixing Punk Rock, and Metal in a Motorhead style onslaught. The title of the album derives from the lengthy process to get hold of a Bass guitar that had been bought and paid for, with the seller being reluctant to part with it after excepting payment. In the end, a rescue mission was involved to release the said instrument from its captor, traveling from Risca to Brighton to negotiate firmly at the doorway the instrument was handed over to eventually complete the transaction, hence the title  “Justice for the Risca One”.

Deathtraps – “Justice for the Risca One” Album:  Buy it Here



Band Members:
Fraser Von Trapp: Bass/vocals & Cardiff City
Matty Von Trapp: Drums & Newport County
Veej Von Trapp: Guitar/vocals & Swansea City
Photo courtesy of Down the Front Media