The Last Great Dreamers

The Last Great Dreamers venture out on a UK tour to promote their brand new album  “13th Floor Renegades”, from London to Glasgow they will be letting loose with the 13 tracks that are out as we speak. On the verge of 90s success with growing admiration from all around, the band called it a day but emerged with a new purpose in 2014 gradually building up a reputation that brings us to maybe their most accomplished set of tunes so far.


“New situation” opens the album, full of sleazy glam guitars and thuds that give a feel-good factor from the start. The Last Great Dreamers have not surprised anyone with their list of influences, including Mott the Hoople, Hanoi Rocks and the Dogs D’Amour and would easily rank alongside those names with this album. The title track “13th Floor Renegades” has a bucket full of riffs that would get any crowd heightened and sweating, enough to drip eyeliner over a wet paisley shirt.  The vocals are delivered in a light and playful manner, with some great changes in tempo to wet the appetite for more. Another album that saw the light of day through the pledge campaign, and definitely one that not only succeeded in reaching its total but in delivering success in the studio which is not always the case.  There is a more prominent bass involved in the intro to “I Think I Like It” but it could really be classed as a more pop sound given the wowoo’s throughout the song, it doesn’t feel out of place but maybe not a favorite.

Play: Last Great Dreamers – No Sunshine


The next song is a lazy meander through life in the same vein as the Kinks “Sunny Afternoon” now that cant be bad eh, “For Your Information” oozes imaginative arrangement with lyrics that drift along with effortless ease. The band show their talented adaptability in both this track and “Miles Away”, showing a softer side that very much still keeps your attention. Just as you are sliding down your chair like ice cream on a hot day, “Primative Man” comes and kicks you up the arse with tribal thump to shake you up. The relentless beat continues throughout the track with guitars that take you back to the glam sounds of 70, along with “No Sunshine” and “Broken Things” these are highlights for those that want straight to the point no-nonsense tunes to hit the roof with.


Who knows where The Last Great Dreamers would have ended up if they had stayed together all those years ago, one things for sure, getting back together was the right thing to do judging by this new album. Sometimes an album creeps out under the radar with a bit of class, for your information, this is one of those.

Band Members:
Marc Valentine – Vocals, Guitar.
Slyder – Guitar, Vocals.
Steve Fielding – Bass.
Denley Slade – Drums.
The Last Great Dreamers UK Tour