The Cavemen


Rough and raw, wild untamed rock n roll garage noise would be a fair description of the Cavemen, as their name suggests they take music back to its unpolished best describing themselves as “Incouragable New Zealand delinquents, on a violent garage Punk rampage”. There is no finesse in the Cavemen’s sound from the early tracks like “Juvenile Delinquent”, up to the new 3rd album “Nuke Earth” there is no let up in the delivery of frenzied attack on the ears.

Play: The Cavemen – Lust for Evil 

THE CAVEMEN -Nuke Earth- LP - cover

Looking beyond the pace and power of the Cavemen you will find well written, melodic tracks that go beyond garage band noise, the first blistering track “Lust for Evil” is a prime example of how to capture a melody in a tornado of musical instruments. Taking influence from all the rasping guitars and feedback masters that came before them, they bring their own growl expressed in songs like “Batshit Crazy” and the rattling drumbeat from “Concrete Town” that hits you hard. Undoubted influence from the Cramps sound is evident all over the world, and the Cavemen take some of those six-string sounds and make it their own, heard in the intro to “Gimme Beer or Gimme Death”.  A deranged Little Richard takes over the vocal on “Elvis is Alive” straining at the delivery of the chorus of “Rock N Roll is Killing Me”, a statement that sounds as though it could be accurate.


In today’s cotton wool environment where everything has a health and safety risk, this album might get a visit from the white coats and clipboards slapping a big sticker over it stating “listening could severely increase your adrenaline to a highly pleasurable state”.

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Tour Dates:

11th May The Shacklewell Arms– London

16th Oct The Dome, Tufnell Park– London


Band Members:
Paul Caveman: Mouth
Jack Caveman: Guitar & Vocals
Nick Caveman: Bass
Jake Caveman: Drums