Big Boy Tomato


If ever a band didn’t live up to their name it must be Big Boy Tomato, for whatever reason they chose to have the monocle of a fruit (Not vegetable) to promote a band with plenty of melodic nutrition. Original members Penny, Susan, Paul & Ditch expertly delivered some catchy tunes and humorous lyrics that were getting them notice, support slots were coming thick and fast as well as gathering a large following themselves.

Play: Big Boy Tomato – Weekend


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An album was finally cut in 1994 that captured the band’s energy, unfortunately, this for some reason did not see the light of day and the band eventually reached its sell-by date. Their reemergence seems to capture a who’s who of underground music, with past members littered around the music industry in various bands. Now the mysterious album has been resurrected by  Foof records who have breathed new life into “Glaswegian Kiss”, and its bouncing back on the shelf ready to get your teeth into.




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