Nothing says spring quite like the morning cacophony of singing birds. That is what inspired the subject matter of newly formed Avem; a Ramonescore “bird nerd” 3 piece from the idyllic countryside of Southern Ontario.



In the summer of 2016, drummer Mike Groves got in touch with his old high school bandmates to jam and have some long needed fun, the way they used to. That first jam set the scene for what was to follow. “It was unreal.” Exclaims Julian Warmé, bassist and lead vocalist. “We started playing a couple TBR and NOFX songs before Maury Core (guitarist and backup vocals) started just messing around with this one riff. I made the joke that we should write the song about birds because birds are AWESOME, and well, here we are now.”

Play: Avem – Blue Jay


Chuffed is a great word to use to describe how they feel about their upcoming E.P. ‘Sing Every Day’. An equally clever and informative ripper, the EP clocks in at just under 12 minutes. While some songs have fun and rocking on the agenda, others offer a unique perspective of life experiences as told through birds. Rotten Egg, for example, is all about persevering through a rough childhood. “Just because you came from a rotten egg doesn’t mean you have to be a shitty bird,” explains Julian. “We really want to share with people how much your own story can relate to that of a bird. They are a lot more similar to us than you’d think.”

“Sing Every Day” comes out July 15, 2018, you can get the first track on the EP “Blue Jay” now right here. Buy –  Avem – Blue Jay