Roger Deering – Smash Fashion


Lead singer and guitarist with Smash Fashion Roger Deering took time out to give us the most influential songs he has grown up with, giving some very interesting and classic choices. 


Play: The Beatles – Revolution


This particular Beatles track isn’t necessarily my favorite Beatles song, yet it’s the one that really had the most impact on me. The “Rubber Soul” album had been laying around our house my mother bought it and I also really love that album. The Hey Jude single ended up laying around the house and I remember playing it and flipping it over to hear the B side.. Revolution… what a glorious sound came ripping out of the speakers! John Lennon’s screaming distorted guitar and a McCartney scream.. wow..The groove was immense and the message was really profound to my budding young mind. The title was very fitting as it did start a revolution within me …I just had to know more about this thing called rock ‘n’ roll music and it became a lifelong obsession

Play: The Who – Pinball Wizard


I’m a lifelong Who freak.. this song captures the essence of what they are about. I remember always feeling that the Who were very futuristic. Even their image seemed to be futuristic to me…Explosive and dynamic.

Play: Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On


Just a gorgeous song and melody.. I’ve never grown tired of this song or LP… emotional with a message.. the ability to bring tears with a song may be the greatest goal of every songwriter/ performer… Marvin had it.

Play: Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well


A great song with a simple effective bluesy lick… and lyrics that were very empowering.. love all the Mac eras.

Play: Led Zeppelin – Ten Years Gone


So many incredible moments in the Zep catalog.. but this one really moves me.. the guitar orchestration is amazing .. it sounds like a flower blooming and decaying all at once

Play: Badfinger – Baby Blue


My idea of a perfect pop song … a gorgeous song of regret … and a perfect middle eight section.. everything about this song is top notch

Play: David Bowie – Rebel Rebel


This may be the ultimate get dressed in the mirror on a Saturday night song… infectious ringing Stones like guitar riff.. great lyrics and hooky refrain.. Bowie was the ultimate artist for me.

Play: Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter


This is just flat out amazing in every aspect.. so ahead of its time that it still sounds otherworldly.. the break in the middle is particularly mind blowing.. I didn’t realize it was a Shuggie Otis song till many years later.. so that was a big bonus in the fact that this song also turned me on to Shuggies music.

Play: Lou Reed – Pale Blue Eyes

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Lou Reed’s songs in the 70s seemed to be speaking directly to me.. he was my Bob Dylan so to speak.. this is such a great song that I’ve never heard a bad version of it!I particularly love the version that Lou does on his “Live-Take No Prisoners “ LP…

Play: Commodores – Sail On


Another genre defying song that just connects with so many different people.. and that chorus! Wow… talk about a singalong… Lionel Richie hit it out of the ball park with this one

Favorite all-time song:

Play: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here


This is a hard one to answer as it changes over the years…But I think I’m going to have to say “Wish You Were Here”/Pink Floyd… It has a never ending universal theme..sad yet beautiful… kind sums up life doesn’t it

Favorite song you have been musically involved with:

Play: Smash Fashion – Runs In The Family


I would have to say there are two songs…Which are both on our new long player “Rompus Pompous “.. “Runs In The Family” which is our leadoff single ….We also have a killer video for it..This song was a bit of a departure for us and I really love the feel and lyrical theme of the song.. also our album closer “Smiles And Daggers” Is a particular favorite of mine.. I feel we really stretched out musically on this… you can hear a lot of our influences …David Bowie, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music.. yet I think we captured our own essence and what we are about and where we can go with our music… also we have the amazing Mike Garson(David Bowie’s pianist and long time musical conductor) playing on this track… What a mind blowing thrill that is for us… yes this is a shameless plug but so what!! So what are you waiting for go get our new record!!.

Thank you Ten-Midnight ! .. cheers .. rock on.. Roger.


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