dragSTER – new album released.


The fierce and brutal sound of dragSTER is once again captured in the release of this new album “Anti-Everything”, they bring their fever pitch live sound to your ears through Louder Than War Records. As an introduction to the album a video for track 2 of the album “Damned” has been put out, a dark and slightly disturbing view that that plays at you rather than for you. This captures the dragSTER sound that hits you with a hard-edged heavy mix of industrial melody, blended with rasping guitar and booming bass that occasionally entices down a dark and dangerous alley.



Track list:

1. One Bad Cop
2. Damned
3. Burn It Clean
4. Anti-Everything
5. United Decay
6. Spit It Out
7. Drone Pilots
8. Vultures Circle
9. Tokyo Joe
10. Charmed To The Teeth
11. Dark Roulette
12. Enemies
13. Broken By Design

dragSTER Tour Dates HERE

photopage (1)



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