Sharp / Shock

Sharp / Shock release their new album.


To follow up on the success of their first album “Unlearn Everything” Sharp/Shock now release “Youth Club” 12 tracks that are packed with energy and punchy tunes. Although the band has a very British sound reminiscent at times of early Jam, all three members come from a different background but comes together and works.Singer/guitarist Davey Warsop (Beat Union, Suedehead) and bassist/vocalist Dan Smith (The Dear & Departed; world-renowned tattoo artist) are both UK exports but didn’t cross paths until they were both transplanted to California. Jared Shavelson (The Hope Conspiracy, Paint It Black), a jazz-trained drummer hailing from Jersey, would end up completing this trio perfectly. Despite their dissimilar geographical beginnings, they quickly realized they were all very much from the same place.

Play: SHARP/SHOCK – I Don’t Want a Nuclear Family


The new album has a sprinkling of the unusually though it, with tracks such as “Thingy Pt 1 & Pt 2”, “the Reds” & “Steps” lasting only seconds, with “Thingy Pt 1” being missed if you sneeze over the 4 sec tune. An acquired taste that may not be for everyone, and feels a little out of step with the rest of the album. Looking beyond those short sharp shocks there is something here with quality running through it, guitar-driven harmonies that really pack a punch. When Sharp/Shock are on it they really deliver with some great sounds, the first 3 ( “Real Life”, “Superficial” & “Dancing all Night”) tracks take you back to Weller, Foxton & Buckler cutting up stages in their white shirts and black ties. ” Nuclear Family” captures the Sharp Shock sound perfectly with its melody and guitar chops backed by driving drums and bass, its a crisp clean sound with well written lyrics delivered at you with blood sweat and passion.

Play: SHARP/SHOCK -Dancing All Night 


Sharp/Shock have not gone down the popular route of some of today’s bands, who capture the morose, acoustic or whining pop-punk that seems to sell well. They have taken influence from another direction,  captured a sound with their own style that hits the center of the target more than a few times on this album.