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Depression is an album of overcoming the struggles that we all encounter in one form or another; Seeing the strength that we all possess, though rarely recognizing it. The album is very much an illustration of personal stories from the band, their fans, friends, and loved ones.

Play: Monster Squad – Breaking Point

Monster Squad was formed in 1997, and after self-releasing a few tapes, a 7″, and a CD in the late 90’s/early 00’s, they’ve released records with Rodent Popsicle Records, Burnt Ramen Records, Charged Records, Punk Core Records, Glue Rot Records and now Pirates Press Records in the USA (not to mention TSOR Records, Razorblade Music and Voltage Records in Europe).

Play: Monster Squad – Fall And Burn

Constant touring from 2003-2009 across the USA, UK, and Europe earned them a massive, and dedicated fanbase – and after a bunch of US dates, they are heading back to the UK, Europe, and Russia this summer to reconnect with all their friends abroad.


In addition to some amazing artwork by Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys, Green Day), the band collaborated with Bryan Lothian (A Global Threat) and Mike “Rufio” Kadomiya (Life Is Posers) to throw some pretty incredible finishing touches on this extremely well thought-out release!

Play: Monster Squad – Desolation

After a ten-year recording hiatus, all the while remaining the best of friends, this year, the time was just right. Some of the band’s personal dust settled – and fittingly, this album became a document of reflection. The band has grown so much, learned so much, and been continually inspired by the effect that they’ve had on their fans and the people around them – The record reflects that beautifully, and musically sacrifices nothing in terms of the aggro and passion that has now driven them for over 20 years.

Play: Monster Squad – Never Learn

“Depression” is a soundtrack to our intelligent screams at the world, and ourselves; it’ll pick you up and set you back in motion, spinning around in that circle pit of life with the energy and heart of a teenager all over again!

Play: Monster Squad – Endless War


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  1. Fall and Burn
  2. Breaking Point
  3. Lion’s Blood
  4. Desolation
  5. Never Learn
  6. Thieves of a New Age
  7. Dead Again Christian
  8. Withheld Forgiveness
  9. Internal War
  10. Endless War



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