The Bonnevilles

The new album from the Bonnevilles – Dirty Photographs.


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The Northern Irish town of Lurgan is a world away from America’s deep south, but two talented musicians who go under the title of The Bonnevilles have grasped the blues sound for themselves and created their own sound with it.

Play: The Bonnevilles – Dirty Photographs

Chris McMullan’s Drums and Andrew McGibbon Guitar and vocal delivery leave no doubt where they get their inspiration, between Howlin Wolf and Motorhead they conjure up some heavy sounds and twisted riffs. The imminent release of the new album “Dirty Photographs” sees no change in direction, and why should there be?


The title track kicks off the album with an expected heavy vibe, drawing on all the blues roots that are undoubtedly ingrained on the bands DNA. Twanging riffs probe and pierce the senses while the beat echoes through the song till the end, an introduction to The Bonnevilles for those who have not had the pleasure. The blues is swiftly accompanied by a rockabilly beat like a rattling train coming down the track, “By My Side” is a relentless short piece that Johnny Cash could pick up a mic too.

Play: The Bonnevilles – By My Side


The creative talents of the band merge classic rock energy with the Blues on “The Good Bastards”, the heavy sounds are infused with recollections of Led Zepplin or Black Sabbath twisting melodies behind the scathing lyrics. Where the with “Long Runs the Fox” the reverb runs over your body like an electric current, keeping the melody close beside Andrew’s seething vocal delivery. A slower meandering “The Rebels Shrug” shows the Bonnevilles versatility,  creating a less dynamic atmosphere towards the end of the album.

Play: The Bonnevilles – Long Runs The Fox

If you are already aware of The Bonnevilles you won’t be disappointed if you are unaware of the Bonnevilles give yourself a shake eh!