Dead 77

Dead 77 Release there new EP to the world on, “Die Young” is out on July 1st 2018. 


Dead 77 are a Los Angeles based by-product of Reagan era hardcore, broken bottles, razor blades and a pension for fast living. Their soon to be released 4 track EP assaults the ears with true intense hardcore aggression,  from the lingering intro of “Take me Away” it is relentless in delivering.  Although the pace is relentless the songs stand up, with Dead 77 no strangers to strings and drums when creating a tune. Catch them on Friday’s Rebellion Festival Introducing Stage.

Play: Dead 77 – Take Me Away


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  1. Take Me Away
  2. Aggressive Youth
  3. What’s Love?
  4. Defiant


Band Members: 
Jorge: Vocals
Mike: Guitars
Mel: Bass
Manny: Drums