Dorkatron release new 6 track EP.

The four nerds from Klagenfurt, Austria are going the extra mile. Some of them used to jam with the DeeCracks, but school got in the way of rock n roll. Dorkatron’s brand new EP is filled with 6 songs, explosive like oxyhydrogen and catchy like a Chinese handcuff. This baby comes as backprinted 12“, with screen printed cover and as a digipack CD.

Play: Dorkatron – The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile_Cover

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1. Is She Really Going Out Tonight? 2. Chemical Reaction 3. Lunch Money 4. Luise 5. Books Not Bombs 6. The Extra Mile.

About Dorkatron: (spell dork-a-tron): Acting dorky on purpose. Purposely embarrassing oneself when with your friends. Results in stares and looks of disdain from strangers. e.g. He is such a dork-a-tron. Did you see his Christmas card? He was hugging Mickey Mouse.
Dorktaron (spell Dork-a-tron): This is the name of your new favourite pop-punk band from Klagenfurt, Austria. The four nerds are always ready for A+ graded schoolyard action, songs about science, computer games and kinky classroom management.


Band Members:

Manu – Drums / Lead Vocals Bobo – Bass / Lead Vocals Kalle – Guitar / Backing vocals Marcel – Guitar / Backing vocals



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