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Out of Preston there came a show, a freakshow, and it’s definitely the worst show on earth.  The new album fresh out of the Evil Blizzard circus, produced by Richard McNamara from Embrace and released on their own CrackedAnkles Records label. The Worst Show on Earth is the third album from the Lancashire group following on from their debut ‘The Dangers of Evil Blizzard’ and the more recent release in 2015 of ‘Everybody come to Church’ and should see the band reach into a wider more appreciative audience.

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WSOE front cover

Were welcomed into the party by a lamenting piano opening the door for the drums and bass guitar to initialise the resounding ‘Hello’ where it continues to bombard us with its P.I.L tone with its upbeat chorus after which were taken into heavier beat of Fast Forward Rewind, that beat flows through into ‘Unleash the Misery’ and gives us a trip through the hypnotic underworld of drums and bass. The chanting rhythms and drum beat of ‘Those we left behind’ does not disappoint either with its influences seeming to ooze from 70’s rock right into industrial grinding. Just when you think it can’t get any better along comes ‘Like a God’, a brilliant track from start to finish, a journey seemingly taking us through apocalyptic hysteria but strangely leaves you wanting more.

Play: Evil Blizzard – Tell Me


The more punk like ‘Tell Me’ moves us into the 10 minute epic of ‘Pull god from the Sky’ from a gentle girl’s voice to a climax of bass driven drums, a tremendous journey. That lamenting piano returns with the title track and winds us through the words or Arne Wald, a German performance artist, where it then builds into the full effect of Evil Blizzard and leads us to the door where we came in.

Overall…….Probably one of the best releases I’ve heard this year and definitely a contender for album of the year, book those tickets now for those live shows and feel the full experience just to prove that every band should have a ‘Mop’ man.


Play: Evil Blizzard – The Worst Show On Earth



Evil Blizzard are:

Side – Drums, vocals and percussion, Filthydirty – bass, guitar, vocals, keyboards and sequencing, Prowler – bass, Kav – bass and guitar, Stomper – bass, Blizzpig – glamour and corruption


Tour Dates:

Jul 7 Sat
The Worst Show on Earth: Evil Blizzard Derby, The Hairy Dog
Aug 2 – Aug 5
Rebellion Festival 2018 Blackpool, Blackpool Winter Gardens
Sep 15 Sat
The Worst Show on Earth: Evil Blizzard London, 100 Club
Sep 29 Sat
The Worst Show on Earth: Evil Blizzard Newcastle upon Tyne, Think Tank
Oct 13 Sat
The Worst Show on Earth: Evil Blizzard Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
Oct 27 Sat
Blizzard-ween: Evil Blizzard Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
Nov 17 Sat
The Worst Show on Earth: Evil Blizzard Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
Dec 14 Fri
The Worst Blizzmas on Earth: Evil Blizzard Manchester, Manchester Academy




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