Fife Punkfest 7


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Fife Punkfest 7

The 7th annual Fife Punkfest is taking place on 30.06.18 and as always there is a great mix of bands over the night,  Punk, Ska and Psychobilly tunes will kick of at 4pm in Kirkcaldy’s Windsor Hotel.  With only £10 entry it’s less than £1 per band which must be worth a listen, look at the 11 bands on the bill and what they will be delivering on the night .

Root system

Root System are a four piece ska/punk band made up of three brothers Kev Fek ( vocals) Ronnie (guitar/voclas) Handsome Dan (bass) and close pal Ryan (Drummer). Root System have been on the go for around 7 years now and have gigged up and down the country including the likes of Brixton, Glasgow, Inverness, Elgin, Edinburgh, the list goes on. They have also played at a few festivals including Rockness, Wickerman a number of times, Wizard Festival, Tartan Heart, Loch Lomond always getting the crowd going. They have also played a number of times with ska legends such at Neville staple, bad manners, the beat and the selecter…
Band Members:
Kev Fek (Vocals), Ronnie Ripped(Guitar/Vocals), Handsome Dan (Bass), Ryan Davidovic (Drums) & Ekto (Dancer)

Play: Root System – Don’t Worry


Catch 22s

The Catch 22’s have been playing the fife music scene and beyond since 2007. Playing up and down the country from Elgin to London, but mostly in and around the local scene in Fife! Their strong melodic unique ska, punk sound with a splash of disco has earned them a loyal following over the years and after a few years out for studying and family they have returned with a bang in 2018, albeit a slightly different lineup.

Band Members:

Mary Jean vocals, Corrigan and Donaldson guitars, Tamson on drums and the new edition to the family, Broon on bass.

Play: The Catch 22s – Bullet



13 Tombs

13 Tombs, the self confessed “Kings Of Scottish Deathrock”, slithered into existence when their previous band The Superevils imploded in a burst of acrimony. Consisting of brothers A B Negative (noises), Marcus Carcass (voices) and a pair of drum machines (Thing #1 and Thing #2) they twist together elements of punk rock, goth, garage punk and rock ‘n’ roll and add their own unique ingredient… themselves to create the musical equivalent of a runaway train just clinging to the rails.

Play: 13 Tombs – I drink your blood



Joe Viterbo

Joe Viterbo were formed in 2003 from the embers of legendary Scottsh Punk Band Newtown Grunts. Initially taking a hard rocking approach to the Ska genre, and when that didny work just resorted to foul language and toilet humour. Which has worked marginally better.  Everycunyt loves a C bomb it seems. JV have released 4 albums to date and have literally sold ‘some’ copies of all of them. They are on Spotify n aw that if you diny have a CD player. Its mostly just auld jaikeys shouting but some of the guitar playing is quite good. Joe Viterbo are named after Sly Stallones character in cult movie ‘Death Race 2000’. Unfortunately, it only works written down though. When you say it out loud it sounds like ‘Joe The Terrible’. Which is a bit harsh.’Joe the Cunt,’ fair doos. ‘Joe the Jaikbaw,’ fair doos tho. Anyhoo just for the record its pronounced ‘Joe Viiii-terrr-bow’. OK???!!!! Proud to be part of Fife Punkfest…canny wait for some potty mouthed shennanigans and punk rock disco dancing. Rock on. JV xx

Play: Joe Viterbo, I fucking telt you. (Ya stupit cunt!)




The Manky Hoors

The Manky Hoors were formed in Rosyth in 2011. Blending melodic, catchy choruses with shouting and beer, The Hoors have been on a punk rock rampage across the east coast since. With 2 EPs under their belts, and a full length album in the works, Jim, Heepsy, CJ and Scruff are ready to bring their unique brand of toilet humour to their second Fife Punkfest.

Band Members:
Jim Russell: Vocals, Guitar, Drinking, Callum Snowdon: Guitar, Geordieing, Chris Heeps:, Vocals, Bass, Hair & Jamie Scrymgeour: Drums, Shouting And More Louderer Drumming

Play: The Manky Hoors – Fuck Everything EP




Psycho Therapy

Psycho Therapy formed a couple of years ago after meeting each other at the Kirkcaldy YMCA music project and play a mix of their own brand rock, punk and blues tunes.

Band Members:

Shaun – Bass vocals, Pedro – Lead guitar, Hanz – Rhythm Guitar & Davie – Drums

Play: Psycho Therapy



Distorted Vision

Distorted Vision are,Mark,vocals,Drew,guitar,Cameron,bass,Lewis,drums. Formed in 2016 outside the Tower music rooms in Livi after Angelic Upstarts played Livi Punx Xmas bash. Me, Drew & Cameron have known each other over 30 yrs & Lewis is Drew’s nephew. This will be our 4th gig & we’re pretty much playing every month this Yr. Also got support 4 the Vibrators early next Yr & playing Davy Jones locker festival in June next Yr also.

Distorted Vision are: Mark: Vocals, Drew: Guitar, Cameron: Bass & Lewis: Drums

Play: Distorted Vision – Anti Hate




A Punk/Oi Hybrid Made for Street Punks Fast & Loud, Straight from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cheers & Beers.

Band Members:
Jimi – Lead Vox, Wayne – Guitar/Backing Vox, Craig – Bass/Backing Vox & Cameron – Drums




DELINQUENTS are a punk rock band formed in 2015 in Dundee, Scotland. The band comprises David Hennessy (guitar/bass, vocals) Graeme Jackson (bass/guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan Hughes (drums)
Been given props from such punk heroes such as Anti Flag, Greg Graffan of Circle Jerks/Bad Religion fame and Sham 69 these ‘delinquents’ released their debut full length on Violated Records.

“About Last Night” serves up some of the catchiest punk rock around. Tracks such as: “Ctrl Alt Defeat”, “Valentines Day” and “Waste Of Time” will have you sucked in quickly and singing in no time.

Band Members:

David Hennessy – Guitar/Bass Vocals, Graeme Jackson- Guitar/Bass/Vocals & Ryan Hughes- Drums.

Play: Delinquents – Sober On Sunday




The Dignities

The Dignities are a Scottish Rock band with an ‘Old School Punk’ influence. With scorching guitar solos, fiery vocals, blazing bass riffs and roaring kick-ass drumming. Cameron and Helen started The Dignities in early 2014 as a side project as Cameron was already in two other bands. After setting up a home studio they started to record the songs that Cameron had been busy writing. By mid 2014 Cameron decided to solely concentrate on The Dignities demo album.

Angel joined The Dignities in July 2014. Previous to this Angel and Helen got together for practice sessions on a regular basis, so we all thought it would be fun to have Angel join the band. Cameron, Helen & Angel completed work on our demo album, Fire Takes The Night. We’ve now got hard copies of the Album which will be available at gigs. It is also now available for download (Itunes, Amazon etc.) and streaming. We’ve had our first gig and can’t wait to get out there again!! So if you want to come out and hear some Rockin’ tunes check out our gig page for upcoming dates.

Band Members:
Cameron (The Strings), Helen (Lady of Troy), Mark (The Preacher), Josh (Spex) & Angel X (Big Mamma)

Play: The Dignities – Hounds of Hell





The Twistettes

Alt/punk, riot grrl, psychobilly, real-deal indie. Check out the sounds. Jo and Nicky D’arc make up The Twistettes. Dirty, twisted bass sound with a hit of swinging flare and thumping, driving drums.

Play: The Twistettes – Weird Me





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