Criminal Kids



Out of the desolate music scene on the far southside of Chicago, Criminal Kids blur the lines between Punk & Rock N Roll. After a few notable shows from Chicago to Milwaukee and a few well liked demos, Criminal Kids took a break. Mid 2017 Criminal Kids were resurrected full time with a lineup change and a whole new attitude. Taking influence from 70’s Punk, Rock N Roll, and hints of everything in between, Criminal Kids are here to throw a left hook at the music scene in the modern day.

Play: Criminal Kids – Outcast

Criminal Kids Cover[5742]

The Chicago band have just released a 6 track EP that is definitely categorised under Dirty Punk Rock ‘N’ Roll, with adrenaline fueled riffs from start to finish that leaves you breathless. The Band floor it from the first drum beat of “Takin It Back” its a relentless journey to the end of the track. The vocals scream out from behind some accomplished noise and skilled guitar, making the cross over between metal and punk throughout the tracks on this track and throughout the EP. The Bass player isn’t often in the spotlight for solo’s but on “Little Bitch” & “Life” Chris takes the accolades with some heavy intricate strings that give the song drive and purpose.  “Outcast” has been chosen as the first single, which does sum up the bands sound for anyone in doubt, with its Punk Rock attitude collaborating with metal finesse  Criminal Kids have hit the right notes on this EP.

Band Members:

Ryan- -Guitar/Vocals Mike Van Kley–Guitar Chris–Bass/Vocals Anthony–Drums




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