Colleen Caffeine – Choking Susan

Charismatic frontwoman Colleen Caffeine gives a musical insight into what inspires her to create her own unique stage persona for Choking Susan.

Play: Choking Susan-Dolly Parton


1. Johannes Brahms – Lullaby

Tops the list! It lets you know it’s time to sleep and I like to sleep! plus its just so beautiful..every music list must include the beginnings of music I think.

Play: Johannes Brahms – Lullaby


2. Janis Joplin- Piece of my Heart

To hear a human voice like that.. what can you say.. and who hasn’t felt the way she feels, over and over again..

Play: Janis Joplin- Piece of my Heart


3. The Adicts – Life Goes On

The lyrics solve all your problems..every can dance and sing along while you are fixing your life via Monkey’s advice.. The Adicts, musical therapists!

Play: The Adicts- Life Goes On


4. The Beatles – She Loves You

How can you not be happy when you hear this will last forever, as long as songs are alive…perfect voices, perfect everything..its rock, punk, pop, jazz, country, hip hop, easy listening…its everything…it is the world’s most perfect song.

Play: The Beatles- She Loves You


5. Buzzcocks – I Don’t Mind

The Buzzcocks can’t write a bad song.. they make me want to be a stalker.

Play: Buzzcocks- I Don’t Mind


6. Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Pick Yer Nose

It makes me laugh.. it’s made me laugh since the 80’s..and I love their accents.

Play: Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Pick Yer Nose

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7. Van Halen – So This is Love

Sex drugs and Rock n Roll.. hopefully, you will fall in love with a dirty little guitar player and he will love you right back..

Play: Van Halen – So This is Love


8. X – We’re Desperate

Jon Doe and Exene have such perfectly imperfect harmonies that define the struggles of life love and punk rock particularly in this song.. you can smell the desperation and feel it tingling the hairs standing up on the back of your neck..this is no place to be addicted to another place.. such beauty in the struggle

Play: X -We’re Desperate


9. Germs – Lexicon Devil

This is the sound of LA punk…Decline of the Western Civilization..right here.

Play: Germs -Lexicon Devil


10. The Distillers – Gypsy Rose Lee

When I first heard the Distillers I felt there actually was hope again for music.. not sure I was right though after they broke up , stopped creating that hope and left us with American Idols making shite music all over the place.

Play: The Distillers- Gypsy Rose Lee


Favourite all time song:

11. The Ramones – I Want You Around

The Ramones are thee band to me ..everyone has their band, they are mine.. I pick this song as my favorite song ever because of the dreamy school girl crush scene it plays in Rock n Roll High School..I so wanted to be Riff Randall , especially after the Dee Dee in the shower scene…all I ever wanted was a boy to sing this song to me.

Play: Ramones – I Want You Around 

Rock n Roll High School

Favourite song you have been musically involved in:

12. Choking Susan – Cuntopia

My favorite song my band has ever done is Cuntopia..I love it because I always find myself right in the middle of Cuntopia all the time..sometimes it’s warm and welcoming but other times it’s a hostile environment that someone is trying to invade!

Play: Choking Susan – Cuntopia




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Photo courtesy of Erick Buchholz & Gutter Punk