The Gakk

The Gakk new album release “Take A Look Around”.




With a mixture of Punk, Ska, Reggae and Street Punk, The Gakk have been picking up momentum from their Dundalk roots to establish themselves as a force to be listened to. Influenced by the first Punk uprising they have quickly established a sound of their own that incorporates just a little something different at times, soothing your soul with a reggae vibe before kicking your head in with raw uncompromising energy.

Play: The Gakk – Side Of The Road


The new album “Take A Look Around” has all the credentials that The Gakk have built a reputation on,  kicking off with an outstanding introduction to the new material with “One By One” an onslaught of a track that gets the blood flowing through the veins. The raw vocal delivery is enough to create civil unrest on its own in any back street venue,  backed up with a relentless beat and shooting guitar chords the standards are set high. The slightly  more mellow side of The Gakk easies its way to you from “Side of the Road”, where the at times harsh social commentary contradicts the laid-back melodies that show the bands diversity, but the Reggae/Ska influence is very prominent  for  “Bar Room Fight”, “Big Street March” and “On My City  Streets” although still carrying a strong message behind the rasping vocals.

Play: The Gakk – Section 24


The Governments tax relief for Landlords gets a battering in “Section 24”, with music being nearly the only form of protest left for the working class they vent their spleen accordingly and with distinction. Although there is a great mix of sounds on the album The Gakk just nail it for me with “Giving Me Away” pure uncomplicated Punk Rock, melody, energy, aggression and a punch anything near you chorus is what this tracks about. The inspiration from those early Punk bands shines through with harmonies an riffs, an addition to any collection would be highly recommended.

Play: The Gakk – Giving Me Away


The Gakk may not be on your radar of bands your listening to, this album might just alert a few ears that have never heard them.