Monkish release new album “Quorn is Murder”.

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From their first live performance in 2006, Monkish have been delivering their unique view on the world to anyone who will listen through music and humour, righting wrongs through lyrical content in the vein of Peter & the Test Tube Babies. Following on from their highly descriptive debut album “Polishing A Turd”, they now release a follow up “Quorn is Murder” which I’m sure will be endorsed by the makers of the meat free choice.


Quorn is Murder is a 7-year plan of music, opinion, fact and fiction, in fact, it could even be an education and more humorous than any political speech in the big house. For starters, we are served “Meat at the Top”, which seems to be a rescue mission to aid those of the vegetarian persuasion with the remedy being a fry up. A heavy bass line mingles through the track with a harmonic chorus, the thoroughly English vocals from Brad makes no attempt to sound like an MTV performer which is a nice touch. The self-deprecating “Cup of Cold Sick” depicts the audience reaction to the bands set list one fearful night, the experience seemed to have a lasting impact on Monkish, informing us they went down like “a pint of cold chunder” a delicacy to be avoided I’m sure. A lively guitar intro to “Diabetic Lover” brings together an insulin relationship that has much in common, testing the blood sugar levels of those who have no sense of humour on the subject matter. “OCDC” is another observational commentary about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where a fist in the air chorus for a mental health issue must be a rare moment for any band to celebrate.
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Monkish also lend themselves to community protest songs giving their strong articulate views on social issues, like being unable to use toilet facilities, highlighted in “Toilet Nazi”. A very real problem for those high street walks that suddenly turn in to a dart for the nearest Pub or Bookmakers, with the key holder barking “No Entry Customers Only”. The album covers many difficult subjects in songs like “Freddo’s Revenge”, and “Hobosexual” that less adventurous bands would avoid, but Monkish tackle these head-on with some honesty and endeavor.

Monkish cleverly assemble their lyrics for this album and deliver a humorous look at life in the UK, through the eyes of a working-class musical ensemble tackling any subject matter they feel necessary.


Band Members:

Brad Frugal – Lead Vocals and financial irregularities, Juno Waramien – Guitar and utility belt, Jimmy Savant – Another Guitar and acting camply, Leo Harvey – Bass and shiny pants, Martyn – Drums and neuroses