Vomit – Punk Rock Past & Present – New Double Album Out Now.


If there is such a career as a Punk music archaeologist it would be a job that would uncover all kinds of weird and wonderful discoveries from the historic 70s, unearthing evidence if needed that there was more than just Pistols, Clash or Damned prowling the streets in those distant dark days. In fact, if you excavate a little deeper you will find there was an epidemic of gigantic proportions throughout the UK stemming from that initial incarnation in London, the remains of bands can be discovered in almost any town or village around the country some with little more than a distant memory of one sighting in a community centre. Vomit were one such band who first emerged in The Duke of Wellington in Congleton in 1977, causing enough of commotion in the town to fill the said hostelry.  From that first appearance, Vomit evolved over the years in personal as well as name, Teenage Hell and The End being two of the of the band’s titles before like so many others at that time they became an endangered species and disappeared. After a few sightings, Vomit then emerged seriously in 2008 with a new DNA, and also the emergence of new material to complement the old. This concept has created the new double album entitled “Punk Rock Past & Present”, a 2 disc release from the band with the first disc made up of tunes from 1977-86 and disc 2 being more up to date material.

Play: Vomit – Dirty Toys


For anyone old enough and is mentally still able to remember those early days, the first Past Disc (1) is emersed in the mid-1970s sound of community hall Punk Rock, “Society Breakdown” kicks of the album with its plodding riff and social opinions that were both basic and relevant at the time. With “Fight for your Life” a slightly more advanced sound already takes shape, a rumbling bass line catches the imagination before a distant ringing introduces a more recognisable Vomit tone being established. Even in those early days there was a diversity around the bands sound, being heard here with “Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are” and  “Damned Nation” with a distinct Punk Ska/Reggae crossover,  that was also evident in The Clash, Ruts, and SLF initially. Stand out tracks on the past disc that captures the spirit and sound of the band are “What you Doing to Me” and “Shut Your Mouth”, both have energy and aggression mixed with melody and harmony that deliver on both tracks.

Play: Vomit – Live


The Present Disc (2) opens with as expected a slightly more polished sound that is not as raw as the first disc, although still pact with energy and sentiment that’s delivered with intent with more accomplished hands on the strings. We head straight in with “21st Century News” and then  “Kill city Breakdown” both lively introductions where you hear the bands sound progress. The resurrection of Vomit’s Ska/Reggae sound emerges again with”China White” where they merge punk sounds with both genres to great effect with some very effective arrangements that work. There are threads of this amalgamation of sounds that crop up throughout disc 2, but the main feature of Vomit’s is evident in songs like “Dirty Toys”  “Forgive Forget” and “New World Disorder” keeping the energy and purpose of the band roots and now wrapped around a new updated Punk sound.


Vomit has managed to document their history on a 2 Disc album, with the title capturing exactly what the music say’s. There are elements of the past that have the rough and raw edges of a DIY band starting out, before the transition of the music is then evident and brings you right up to date with 41 years of the band’s history that’s well worth hearing.



Band Members:

Lead Singer – Lee Vomit, Bass & Vocals – Marshal Vomit , Drums – Stevo , Guitar – Stu Vomit, Gutar – Paul Vomit

Live Dates:

28th July Corporation Sheffield (Dirt Box Disco)

2nd August Rebellion Festival (Arena Stage 15.55)

Play: Vomit @ Rebellion

25th August Liquid Rooms Edinburgh (Dirt Box Disco)

2nd November Ritz Manchester (Macc Lads)

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