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The Eddies EP Still Takin The Mick

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Like many bands at this time of year the packing has started for Rebellion, Dundee band The Eddies are no different with Guitars, Drums and alcohol loaded up, oh and don’t forget the new EP “Takin The Mick” which is being launched at the festival. The 5 tracks of raucous driving punk riffs with mob handed choruses, bringing noise and melody from a band that’s served its time and perfected their sound since 1994.


The first two Tracks on the EP “No Way” and “My Game My Rules” lives up to any DIY Punk scrutiny, a heavy backbeat driving the songs on with a purpose. The dissident lyrical content is an added bonus to punch the air too, as no doubt the Rebellion hordes will do when played live in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens. Track three “Nowhere” has a slightly softer approach but only slightly, with Whoo ooh harmonies interrupting the trials and tribulations of making it in this world, this has more of a classic punk feel, sounding reminiscent of some of the late 70s early 80s tunes. Back on the throttle for track four “One of these Days”, where human relations and friendships are questioned at pace. The drums drop like bombs to introduce the track, accompanied by a whining guitar that is the backdrop for relationship dissension and conflict.

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The EP itself is in memory of Mick Kilbride who played guitar for the band at one point, before falling ill then passing away with Cancer. The final song on the EP was a track Mick had been working on but was unable to finish, the band has used those riffs to complete the song “Takin’ The Mick”. A track with the energy of punk/metal running through it with some intricate string work taking center stage midway through the song, delivering a chanting chorus that ends this EP on high.

Mick may not be around to see The Eddies take to the Arena stage this year, or tell his tales on the long journey south, but he has left something that the Eddies will ignite a crowd with on his behalf.


Band Members:

Lee, Andy, Ed, Ian, Mick & Steve.


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