The Wild Blue

The Wild Blue release their debut EP, Room 13.


NYC-based rock quartet The Wild Blue consists of Edward Martinez (guitar), Camilo Pabon (drums), Zach Dalva (vocals), and Mitch Raznick (bass). Each member contributes a unique background of life, musical experience, and taste. Styles that both directly and sub-consciously influence The Wild Blue’s sound range from classic punk to gospel, indie rock to shoegaze, and progressive rock to post-punk. Edward was born and raised in Queens, NY, providing his adept East Coast Punk sound. Camilo hails from Colombia, where he grew up playing in gospel bands, but is greatly influenced by grunge and metal drummers. Zach is from up-and-down the East Coast, adding in his varying indie rock vocals as a first-timer in an outfit. Mitch was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, bringing in his sounds of a more-technical indie- and shoegaze-style that’s familiar within his hometown.

Play: The Wild Blue – Booga Sugar


The Wild Blue have been writing music together as a complete group for only 7 months, having completed around 10 songs. The group is proud to present their debut Room 13 EP, containing 5 tracks that vary in style, tempo, and heaviness. The EP is named after their go-to practice space at the Brooklyn rehearsal studio The Sweatshop, where the majority of their creative ideas were collaboratively brought into fruition.