Punktoberfest 2018

Now in its 8th year, Punktoberfest brings you Punk music from 27 bands from around the UK and further afield, with music from the USA, Germany, and Italy over the 2-day festival on the 19th & 20th October.

Below is a brief encounter with what to expect.

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Formed in March 2008, with a few lineup changes along the way, influenced by all kinds of punk, new & old. We write & record our own material & try to gig as much as possible! The End.

Play: Signal – Jezza

The Signal are :

Nikki/Vocals, Lewis/Guitar, Dave/Drums, Kieran/Bass




With punk roots going back to 1994, BUZZBOMB truly exploded onto the scene as a newly Refined three-piece in 2008, releasing their debut album EIGHT THE HARD WAY. they quickly gathered a rabid following with their visceral, high energy shows. in 2012 Buzzbomb released their follow up album follow up album, SECONDARY OBJECTIVES to great acclaim and have toured relentlessly since sharing stages with Old Firm Casuals, Meteors, Tiger Army, Demented Are Go, King Kurt, The Dickies and made their debut appearance at the Rebellion Punk Festival.

Play: Buzzbomb – Sixty Miles of Bad Road

Buzzbomb announce the release of their third album ‘SIXTY MILES OF BAD ROAD’ Ten Brand New supercharged Punk anthems, including the single ‘STRAY BULLETS’ and featuring artwork by Patrick Goddard (2000ad / Judge Dredd).




4 past midnight


Formed in 1989 & Based in Glasgow Scotland United Kingdom, 4 Past Midnight have long been recognized as one of the most innovative and groundbreaking punk bands to come out of the Scottish scene, with their much-loved sing a long-styled punk rock anthems So have a listen to our music, it may well surprise you!!

Play: 4 Past Midnight

Band Members:
Fred Stevenson rhythm guitar, Peter McCartney lead vocals & occasional drums), Tam Bowman (lead guitar), David Bradford Bass guitar, Martin Doherty Drums

GARDEN GANG ( Germany)

garden gang

A high energy glam punk rock feast! Hailing from deepest Bavaria, the band’s musical influences nevertheless stretch around the world, ranging from American ’50’s rock’n’roll, through to the English beat groups of the ’60’s, and on up ’70’s punk and the new wave of the early ’80’s – all these styles fusing together to create something totally original.


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No strangers to the European live circuit, in the last couple of years Garden Gang have played more than 500 club gigs and festivals in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, UK, Poland, Spain and Switzerland together with The Vibrators, The Boys, The Undertones, The Damned, The Lurkers, 999 as well as regular touring partner TV Smith from The Adverts, who also contributes backing vocals to the actual album MIDDLE CLASS SYMPHONY.
Now they are back with a new a line up featuring Nelly (ex-The Lurkers, Loaded 44 + HiFi Spitfires) on the drums.

Garden Gang Line Up:

PamP – Lead Vocals, Ann Dee – Backing Vocals,  Peter – Guitar / Backing Voc, & Andi – Bass / Backing Voc, Nelly – Drums.





Threats were originally formed way back in the late 70’s as The Reflectors in Dalkeith Scotland. By 1981 they had become known as Threats and had their first release with the track ‘Pacivity’ on the various artists ‘Backlash EP’ on the Playlist label. Threats then signed to Rondelet records and had 2 releases in 1982. Go To Hell b/w Wasted, Afghanistan 7inch 3 track single. Politicians and Ministers in a 7inch 3 track format and 12inch 6 track which included Writing on the Wall, Dead End Depression, 1980’s, Can’t Stop and Underground Army (later covered by The Casualties) Unfortunately the band split soon afterward despite having the potential to go on to bigger things. Threats then reformed in 2001 by one of the original members Jim Smith who soon managed to twist the arm of another founder member Gogsy Sinclair.

Play: The Threats – Underground Army

The Back in Hell EP was released first as a 3 track and then a 6 track with Gogsy back on board on lead guitar. The first full-length LP, 12 Punk Moves, was released in 2003 as was a live album recorded in CBGBs in 2002 on Dr. Strange Records. The drummer on the album Dave Pottinger left to move to Australia and was replaced by the young upstart and current drummer Rik (braw) MacLachlan who joined Jim, Gogsy, bass player since reformation Dave Rosie and recorded the 2006 album ‘God is Not With Us Today’. Before making it to the second American tour to promote the album, Dave left and was replaced by band friend and roadie Bobe Copland on bass. Jim left in 2009 at which point Gogs took over lead vocals with Rab Brown, another long-term friend of the band filling the rhythm guitar position. This line up stayed together until 2017 when Bobe departed to be replaced by Chris Fraser. Before Bobe went they did spend some time in the studio and have 6 tracks ready to go after they get a final mix.

The current line will give you just about all the 80’s recorded songs live, a few from each of the studio albums as well as some of the material still to be released in the solid manner the Threats always have.





DELINQUENTS are a punk rock band formed in 2015 in Dundee, Scotland. The band comprises David Hennessy (guitar/bass, vocals) Graeme Jackson (bass/guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan Hughes (drums).

Play: The Delinquents – Next Generation
Been given props from such punk heroes such as Anti Flag, Greg Graffan of Circle Jerks/Bad Religion fame and Sham 69 these ‘delinquents’ released their debut full length on Violated Records. “About Last Night” serves up some of the catchiest punk rock around. Tracks such as: “Ctrl Alt Defeat”, “Valentines Day” and “Waste Of Time” will have you sucked in quickly and singing in no time.




Formed in 1979 in Birmingham England, playing early gigs with mates GBH (who we still gig with today) Dead Wretched and the Varukers. The band shared the stage in the early days with bands like GBH, Exploited, Dead Kennedys, Crass, the Pogues, The Beat, and all the UK82 bands of the time. The Drongos first single was a DIY release in 1981 called ‘Hope And Glory’. The band also recorded two EPs on Inferno Records in 1982 – ‘Death’s A Career’ and ‘Eternity’, which actually charted at around 47 in the national UK charts – Unfortunately, nobody in the band bothered reading music press at the time or listened to Radio One (we were the first punks in our town to have our own flats/ homes, so everyone came back to our place to get wrecked. We didn’t need much encouragement to join in) So, to cut a long story short – we never knew until our then guitarist Anton joined in 1999, that we sold any records, and we of course never made any money and got ripped off like every band on Inferno Records.

Play: Drongos for Europe – Live

Drongos For Europe are currently one of the hottest bands in the UK gigging and touring more than most bands from the eighties, having toured many times in Europe and also touring the US with Toxic Narcotic and Defiance in 2003, and have been regulars at the Rebellion Festivals for the last nine years. Now the band receives much airplay and press in Europe and the UK, and have supported Rancid on their UK (2006) tour.
Drongos For Europe have also been part of UK tours with the Misfits, Angelic Upstarts and their old mates GBH, and still packing in punk rockers old and new to this day.

Band Members:
Tommy – Vocals, Dek – Bass, Mac Mayhem – Guitar, Danny – Drums.



Slaughter II

Ex-Members of Manchester’s Slaughter and the dogs…/ Slaughter… Brian Grantham and Ed Banger play there punk legacy hits old and new.
Although well known for the classic Slaughter and the Dogs tracks, Slaughter II has recently released a new album of original material that will also be on the agenda for Punktoberfest 8.


El Complesso

Il Complesso started in 2008 in the city of Caramagna (CN) north Italy. Since then they played several gigs around Italy and other European countries like France and Switzerland. They also toured U.K. 3 times in 2015, 2016 and 2017, becoming a fixed presence of the Nice’N’Sleazy festival in Morecambe, where they’re a powerful mix of street punk and punk rock earned a lot of consents between the English audience.

Play: Il Complesso – I ragazzi fan da sè

In August 2016 they also played the mighty rebellion festival in Blackpool. Since now the band released in collaboration with Mohican tunes records a cd that includes all the songs recorded in the early years of activity and in June 2017 a new single with the special guest of Klasse Kriminale and the business. They are currently working on the new album that should be out soon.

Figli di mille concerti..senza una causa..senza una metà in attesa solo di un altro live.. WE WANT PUNK..

Band Members:
Dario”Rude” Audisio: Voice, Pietro Brero: Guitar and Background Vocals, Vittorio Brero: Drums, Nicolo “Psyduck” Cuniberti: Bass and Background Vocals



Doc Rotten are a punk rock band from Trenton, N, formed in 2017 by Wes Bentley (lead vocals) and A.J. Martinez (drums), in November of 2017. the band released their first EP entitled “Fallout” which was immediately followed in March 2018 by a second EP “Sick and Suffering”, with sounds influenced by bands such as the Street Dogs, Rancid and the Bouncing Souls they bring an energy and atmosphere to any venue.

Play: Doc Rotten – Sick & Suffering

Band Members:
Wes – Guitar/Vocals, Rob – Bass, AJ – Drums, Andy K – Guitar/Vocals


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The Overbites are a punk rock band hailing from the East coast of Scotland. Formed in late 2017 out of nothing but a hunger for playing music, the enjoyment of playing and making something new with friends, we have continued to grow in the short lifetime we have been going.

Play: The Overbites – Political Shitstorm

Throughout the summer we have been recording our first EP, which will hopefully be released in the not too distant future. Going forward the band want to continue playing energetic punk rock and explore new boundaries.




Subvision are a 5 piece punk/metal band from Kincardine in central Scotland. The band originated from ex-members of Decomposed+Id Parade. Original members were, Big Davie, Dave, Spam+Rab! Formed in 1989/90 the band continued to play with various lineups before calling it a day in the mid-90s. The band reformed in 2012 to play a one-off gig, after playing the gig the band decided to continue and see how it went! Working away from home Big Davie decided he couldn’t continue to play in the band.Beve(ex Id Parade)then joined the band a few months later! Rab (drums)then left the band and we went through a spate of drummers with Rab helping out when we were stuck.


Pete(ex-The Eddies) then joined the band giving more power and noise to our sound, The latest addition to the band is Craig on drums. A new addition to the band is bass player, Hairy Bev! The band lineup is settled now with us playing gigs all over Scotland, England+even a wee trip to Italy. Subvision have self-released 3 CDs which have gone down well with the viewing public+are in the process of releasing our 4th cd in next few weeks!




Potential victims formed in 1982 around the anarcho-punk scene, managing to get their music on Bullshit Detector 3 with the song “People”. Managing to keep together until 1985 before finally splitting, only to get back together in 2010 with a gig at the Rebellion festival that has seen them travel up and down the country with the newly released material.

Band Members:

Voice: Dave Spibey – Guitar / Lead Vocals, Guitar: Martin E.Z Meat, Bass: Toz Whelan, Drums: Simon Millen.





We formed in early 2009 with the intention of doing one gig, no other plans, the original line up was as a 4 piece and Ben and Nathan have been there from day one , first couple of gigs were to say we weren’t great is probably an understatement , a couple of changes in the years our newest addition is our new drummer Badja , she’s a great welcome to the band, since next year is the 10th year we are hoping to do our 4th album, we have started writing it.

Play: Hospital Food – Punks Not Dead

We have managed to squeeze in 3 albums a demo album, a live DVD, 6 trips to other countries, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, played Rebellion, and we intend to carry on till we decided not to, and I don’t think that will be for a long time.




“Kickback Generation, a band focused on igniting thought in the unaware, rattling the floorboards of the establishment with melodic punk songs and story-esque lyrics. Plus, we just love to drink beer and play punk rock.”



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Kickback Generation are:

Bass/Vocals – Jim Thoroughgood, Guitar/Vocals – Mick Robson, Drums/Vocals – Paul “Puss” Sowerby





Dischord formed when their town’s only rock club was bulldozed to make way for an office block. To celebrate its final night, they recorded a free EP, which was given away on the door. Their ferocious, self-produced, début album, The Wakes, soon followed and was heralded as the punk rock release of 2012.

Play: Dischord – Seaside Suicide

Dischord has since gigged constantly, and their high energy performances and eclectic sound have earned them a reputation as one of the most exciting bands currently touring. This year has seen a string of highly acclaimed shows, including Nice ‘n’ Sleazy Festival, Cornwall’s first ever 3 Chords Festival and support slots for the likes of Subhumans and 999. 




Armoured Flu Unit started as a collaborative recording project to bring like-minded individuals together across all nations, nationalities, and genders in a bid to voice opinions against all injustice, inequality, and prejudices we are subjected to on a daily basis. We do not seek to moralize people’s opinions but to Inform, Educate and Communicate our thoughts to a wider audience. 

Genre = “Bin kicking Anarchoi thug rock” Anarcho Punk – Hardcore – D-Beat – Crust.

Play: Armoured Flu Unit – This machine kills fascists

Band Members:
Nath Haywire – Vocals, Iain Influx – Guitar, Danny Burch – bass, Andy Morris – Drums





Formed in 2000. We have released several DIY releases on our own “Research And Destroy” label and have supported the likes of Discharge, GBH, Anthrax, Subhumans, Vice Squad, Assert, 999, Poundaflesh, English Dogs etc.

We remain true to the Punk DIY ethic!

Play: Surgery Without Research

Band Members:
Andy H – Vocals & Guitar., Mark Spooner – Guitar., Dave Booker – Bass., Terry Tonk – Drums




The Eddies formed in 1994. The Eddies have played many gigs since 1994 supporting the likes of The Real Mckenzies 3 times, GBH, Cockney Rejects 3 times, Angelic Upstarts, Ed Tenpole, UK subs 8 times, Ruts DC ,The Groovie Ghoulies, Spunge, The Vibrators 3 times, Drongos For Europe, Runnin Riot, Sham 69, The Rabble, Peter and the Test Tube Babies 3 times, One Way System, The Black Tartan Clan, Anti Anti Nowhere League,The Rezillos twice, Sex Pistols Experience 4 times, The Harrington Saints, 999, Wonk Unit 4 times, The Members, The Cundeez, Goldblade 4 times, I.C.H, Control 3 times, XSLF etc and have played many headlining gigs in Scotland and the north of England.

Play: The Eddies – Punk 4 Life

Festivals played include THE WICKERMAN FESTIVAL in 2008,Nice n sleazy festival in 2013 ,2014, 2015 and 2016 and Rebellion Festival 2017 There are two Eddies cd’s the first being “PANIC” recorded in 1999 at the Seagate studios Dundee and the second mini album “Who Are You?” recorded in 2001 at the Seagate again. Also appearing on the Punk compilation cd Attitude 2 Alternative Scotland.

Band Members:
Lee, Andy, Ed, Ian, Mick/Steve.




Edinburgh based punk band.

Play: Panic Attak

Panic Attak are:

Vocals – Kev, Guitar – Chris, Bass – Chris, Drums – Rik





Sunday Punk Club are a UK 82, Hardcore band from Edinburgh, Scotland formed in 2013.

Play: Sunday Punk Club – Nothing Left To Lose

Sunday Punk Club are: 
Pete Morrison – Vocals, Frankie Welsh – Guitar & backing vocals, Chris Fraser – Bass and, backing vocals, Scott Burton – Drums.




Formed many many years ago(young teenagers bunking school to play). Went through many line-up changes then gave up…….many many years later had a stormy reformation and stormy line-up changes to finally release a debut album…. an appearance on a compilation cd and now currently working on the next album………stay tuned

Play: Rotten Apples – Idiot



TRipwire DC

Formed in 2015 Perthshire Tripwire DC  play a mix of ska, reggae, punk & dub, check out their album “Dark Alley”.

Play: Tripwire DC – Tyskie

Band Members:
David McCallum Vocals, Ian Kaye Guitar, Rich McGlashan Bass & Backing Vocals, Drums + Backing Vocals Peter Morrison.



During an Angelic Upstarts gig at the Tower Music Rooms, Drew mentioned to Mark that he was forming a band as he had several tracks composed and was looking to bring them together and start gigging. Mark jumped at the chance as he’s been a massive supporter of live music and attends, pretty much, every punk gig he can, so having the opportunity to step from audience to frontman was a chance not to be missed.

Play: Distorted Vision

The name of our band is “Distorted Vision” and the thinking behind the name spawns from the fact that, pretty much, everything we see, read, hear is tainted in some way by an underlying agenda.

Distorted Vision are: 
Mark: Vocals, Drew: Guitar, Cameron: Bass, Lewis: Drums




Glasgow 4 piece punk band touring the country with their straight to the point no nonsense tunage.

Play: Razorblade Smile – Savage Soul

Band Members:
KATE…vocals/, vacant–.bass/, “mad” davy frew…drums/, shoddy roddy… guitar.



Killjoy are a new 4 piece punk band from Dundee to look out for.

Killjoy are:

Callum Creevy – Vocals, Calum Wight – Guitar, Reece Kirkland – Drums, Niall Mitchell – Bass Guitar



Aye Hobo

Dunfermline country/Punk, making good time music for good people looking for a good time.

Play: Aye Hobo – Ring of Fire

Band Members:
Drums, Scotty Boy Watson…Bass, Smed Beaver Smiff…Geeetar, Matt Swamp Gator Gibson…Keyboard… Honeybadger..


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