Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

Who Killed Nancy Johnson? release a new track “They Reap”, with all profits going to the Musicians Against Homelessness campaign.


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With a heavy dark uncompromising sound that is wrapped around lyrics of angst, anger, and fury,  Who Killed Nancy Johnson? are unquestionably a Punk band to investigate and discover.

Surfacing from Reading the band formed in 2015 and set about creating a sound of their own, draining influence from the original Punk/ post Punk movements then injecting their own energetic cocktail of noise that has now shaped their DNA.

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With 3 previous releases Who Killed Nancy Johnson? now deliver a new single to the world, “They Reap” describes the divide between those who have and those who have not in the unequal society we all survive in. Being homeless in an affluent country like the UK is indeed criminal, but not for those who take to the streets each night but for those who fail to run the country for the people they serve every 4 years.


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The band has decided to give the profits from the track and its Merchandise to a very good cause, Musicians Against Homelessness who put on gigs up and down the country to raise funds and awareness about the growing numbers of people without a place to call home.

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Band Members:
Stefan Ball – Vocals, Pete Moulton – Guitar/Vocals, Julien Bruinaud – Bass/Vocals, Mark Wren – Drums/Vocals
Photo courtesy of Smack Media

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