Mr. Lisp

Mr. Lisp release their new album “Get Our Minds Right”, out now.


Get Our Minds Right is the second full length release from Philadelphia based artist, Mr. Lisp. It was written, recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by the band over the span of 2017-2018. The album mainly revolves around themes of existential dread, political animosity, the music scene, birch beer, and the Tolkien universe. The title track represents the sound and energy that can be expected throughout the entirety of the ~40 minute release.

Play: Mr. Lisp – Get Our Minds Right


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Mr. Lisp is a punk rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Combining an array of influences that range from the likes of NoFX to Buzzcocks to Ween, Mr. Lisp continues to put out high energy, high performance art. The four members, Chris (lead vocals, guitar), Shane (vocals, guitar), Connor (vocals, bass) and Jerry (drums) have been performing professionally together for a little over a decade.


Mr. Lisp are:

Lead Guitar/Vocals – Chris, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals – Shane, Bass/Vocals – Connor & Drums – Jerry





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