Raw Cuts Punk Art by Clara Basoni

Raw Cuts

Clara Basoni is a Visual Artist based in Paris who is passionate about Punk Rock & Counter-Culture movements. Her Collages illustrate music to create an inter-generational dialogue & debate on what Punk-Rock heritage is all about. Her collages question our society & environment in a context of radical changes & reflect the recent events we daily witness in global politics that impact us directly emotionally, socially & economically.

Clara Basoni

Her artwork is by essence anti-totalitarian. It denounces the language uniformity, the thought processing under the ruling by fear, the shock doctrine effects on masses & all kinds of mind-control & experimentations. It also explores our past to question our present & future to reinforce our collective memory on all what happened since 1918. How do we manage to keep sane in an insane fucked-up world?

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How do we cope with a standardised “normality” ruled by fear & Big Data? How to remain human & creative at the edge of the new Artificial Intelligence Revolution with the massive introduction of robotisation & digitisation. In her RawCuts collages, Clara mixes & reuses other media, photography, video art, design, comics, fashion, kinetic, medieval & renaissance art, nature & sciences with punk rock scene elements. She has created 3 series of DIY dynamic collages that are associated with QR Codes to mix visual & musical arts simultaneously & get a multi-dimensional approach in an interactive & immersive mode.

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PLAY: Sonic Diary

Her first series of 40 Collages – #FuryNoiseAngryVoices –  illustrates the Roaring 4Ties of Punk. Her stand-alone art piece – #GodIsAWoman – explores womanity. Her third series #DigiHell covers nature, life, death, culture, poetry but also mental health issues & mind control. Clara is very much involved on the UK Punk Scene & she has shown her artwork  #RebellionFestival #PunkArt in Blackpool since 2016, at the annual #PunkNRollArtShow in London Underdog Gallery since 2015. In 2017 she has been part of the #BraveNewWorld exhibition @ The Doomed Gallery in London, Hackney. She also co-animated a radio show @ Salford City Radio – Great Manchester (Sonic Diary 373- Clara Basoni Podcast Edition) & has been interviewed in Manchester for #LouderThanWar Magazine (“Meet The Woman From Paris Whose Punk Art Collages Will Blow Your Mind.”) In 2018, her artwork has been shared in London, Brixton at the #PasteTableGallery & of course @ #RebFest. She has also been interviewed by ThePunkLounge (“I Had To Do Something About The Music That Changed My Life.


She now prepares a new series to celebrate the 50 years of Ska #BootsBracesNRoses & has joined the #Punk4Peace movement. She also proposes Limited Edition Art Prints. #RawCutsT-Shirts, Tote Bags & Unique Jewelry. You can find her on Pinterest & her FB Raw Cuts page.