Gaye Black – Artist

The iconic cover of The Adverts “One Chord Wonders” single was an image that many are familiar with, even after 40 years, the subject matter being bass player Gaye Advert with a look that inspired more than a generation of females to break down the Beige barriers of 1970s Britain. In a short but very memorable musical career Gaye made an undeniable impact on stage and vinyl before setting about making a name for herself in another creative field, as an Artist.

One Chord Wonders

I spent three years at art college, qualifying as a graphic designer before becoming bass player with the Adverts. I am now exhibiting regularly and curating the odd show. I have designed covers for records including the Paul Fox memorial album, PIL and Alvin Gibbs, and my work has been featured in books including The Truth of Revolution, Brother by Lisa Sofianos, Robin Ryde & Charlie Waterhouse, Black Metal Colouring Book (feralhouse) and Growing Up With Punk by Nicky Weller, Barry Cain, Russell Reader and Den Davis .

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My work references my past, and explores contrasts – between attraction and horror, control and chaos, rough and smooth. I am inspired by surrealism and artists including Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, Leonora Carrington and the Chapman Brothers. Also horror films and books, extreme music, victorian grottos, and my own dreams, which I have been basing work on recently.

1972-3 Bideford School of Art – foundation year (A level in art & printmaking)

1973-5 South Devon Technical College – graphic design (diploma in graphic design)

1976-9 Bass player in Adverts

More of Gaye’s work can be seen on her website

Wall Hanging Free Standing Memorabilia Stained Glass

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Beyond Punk – Signal Gallery, August 2010

Punk and Beyond – Signal Gallery, November 2011

Black Xmas – Signal Gallery, November 2012

Images can be viewed at: British Women Artists & London Art