Heavy Drapes – Crashing Like Stars

Heavy Drapes Debut Album Makes Its Entrance.

Crashing Like Stars.

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One of the great philosophers of my time on this planet predicted that “The Future is Unwritten”,  a quote that could very easily describe the Heavy Drapes short, influential and memorable journey to the front of the stage.

From the verge of international recognition as Baby’s Got A Gun, full of 80s swagger and Rock N Roll fuel they self-imploded in 1995 after one album and two singles. There were a few attempts of collaborations over the years, until finally in 2015 three of the band put a plan in place to kick the Punk circuit’s doors open and announce that Heavy Drapes are taking up position at the front of the stage.

Baby’s Got a Gun

From the start lead singer Garry Borland stated: “There’s no mucking about, our goal was to be the biggest, new punk band in Scotland by the end of 2016; we actually nailed that goal in the first few months of getting together in August 2015”. From then on  Heavy Drapes set about making an impact rarely seen at this level of self-promotion, where money is something that is seen in fleeting glimpses with bands requiring big mouths and thick skins to get recognised on any bill.   Their previous experience was an undoubted advantage coupled with their passion, drive, and belief in what was to be achieved, but what really got Heavy Drapes to the top table was the fact that their songs were exceptional enough to turn heads and turn they did.

Play: Heavy Drapes – I Wanna Be Maladjusted

The four tracks on the debut EP “Should I Suck Or Should I Blow” created a reaction that was long overdue in the Punk scene, music that ignited a fuse that ran up your spine releasing endorphins like a prison escape. All 4 tracks have now adjusted to life on the Heavy Drapes new album “Crashing Like Stars”, a legacy that will now document an encapsulating few years, not only for the band members but for those who were fortunate enough to witness their rise and sudden sad farewell.

 Play: Heavy Drapes – Hanging Like a Suicide

Hanging Like A Suicide

The title “Crashing Like Stars” was part of the bands musical DNA from Baby’s Got A Gun history, but in someways encaptures the bands own circumstances. With lead singer and Heavy Drapes publicity machine Garry Borland very sadly and suddenly passing away before the album came to fruition, it left the rest of the band with other priorities in life to deal with away from music. What followed was an outpouring of shock and sympathy from those who had followed the band, with a reminder that life is to be enjoyed and valued because it can be taken away well before we are ready to leave. Thankfully the album has now been completed and completed in style, with 10 tracks that im sure will be played over the next 40 years of Punk by those lucky enough to remember the impact they made by the Heavy Drapes.

Heavy Drapes Live.

The clicking of Billy’s sticks presents the start of “Should I Suck”, Richie’s rasping chords kicking the album off to a glorious beginning, with Jerry’s bass lines holding up a chorus that’s every inch a Rock N Roll introduction to what the Heavy Drapes are all about. The ingredients of the band’s success is based on classic sounds from institutions of the stature of the Pistols, The Clash Iggy and The Buzzcocks, dragged, shaken, kicked and molded into their own identity.  Menacingly melodic and prowling around your head “Into The Blue” lowers the tempo for track 2, with backing harmonies creating a mysterious yet energising sound that shows the diversity and capabilities that are beyond some of Punk’s restraints.

Play: Heavy Drapes – Into The Blue

Into The Blue

The new tracks on the album leave no doubt that there was a lot more to come from the band, “Human Machine”, “Number One” and “Make Some Trouble” pile drive the melody into your ear with a velvet hammer. The highlights of the new songs are set in stone already with”Head Skrewed On” and “Janie” being the standouts on the first listen that were already becoming live favourites. But for me, the Heavy Drapes stand alongside the classic early Punk singles when they open the throttle on “Hanging Like  A suicide”  and “Maladjusted” two songs that will stand the test of time in any company, this I would say is the bands defining moments, creating an energy and excitement that very few can match today. 

Play: Heavy Drapes – Should I Suck or Should I Blow

Should I Suck Or Should I Blow

Heavy Drapes have left a fitting legacy to be remembered by, with an album that captures the music, energy, and talent that was evident throughout their short existence. For anyone who came into contact with Garry one thing that stood out from him was his passion for what he was doing, he believed in his band and their music and wanted it heard. His determination in promoting the Heavy Drapes was relentless and consuming as anyone who observed him on social media would testify, he kept the band at the forefront of conversation and was part of the reason for their near-instant recognition around the country. He may have left the planet with unfinished business, but with Richie, Billy and Jerry he achieved far more than most, which is now documented in an album of music that will be played and enjoyed long after we all join him.

Garry Borland – Heavy Drapes


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