Come the Spring

Come the Spring - Echoes.   Look out for the new album "Echoes" from Brighton Alt Rockers Come The Spring, here is a taster to whet your apatite. Play: Come The Spring - New album teaser 2017 Since forming in 2012, Brighton’s Come The Spring have plied their trade in emotionally charged alt-rock. Singer Sam Craddock, …


THE MIGHTY BOSSMAGS  - CURIO CABINET Play: The Mighty Bossmags - Banana The Mighty Bossmags new album is out on 31.10.17, Pirate-Jazz and Ska-Punk combined in a cabaret concept album. Short stories of folklore, myth and sin inspire the lyrics while a full spectrum of musical influence spans from Heavy Metal to Swing. Mixing the surf …

Chinese Burn

Chinese Burn - From Teenage Threads to Middle Age Spread, Album Review Play: Chinese Burn - Shut Your Mouth Independent record labels have been around since Rock N Roll was sucking its thumb, the numbers grew substantially in the 70s with the arrival of Punk. Labels like Stiff Records started with £400 from Dr Feelgood …

The Cravats

THE CRAVATS – Blurred. The Cravats have released their first album in 37 years, "Dustbin of Sound" only confirms that they are a band that follow their own pathway. Blurred is a track from that new album. Play: The Cravats – Blurred Facebook  

The Damned

The Damned - New Rose Its the first but could it be the defining moment in UK Punk history,  created by a dysfunctional, disjointed band of musicians? Play: The Damned - New Rose Facebook  


L7 release their first music in 18 years, hear it here. Play: L7 - Dispatch From Mar-a-Lago Facebook

Dave Arcari

SCOTTISH alternative blues guitarist & songwriter Dave Arcari’s alt.blues sounds owe as much to trash country, punk and rockabilly as they do pre-war Delta blues and have been showcased via nine internationally-acclaimed solo CD releases. Hellbound Train is taken from the new Live at Memorial Hall album released on 1 September 2017. Play: Dave Arcari - Hellbound Train Facebook

Hospital Food

Hospital Food - Small Man in a Big World. In the DIY Punk world of anger, noise and mediocrity, there are still bands to be found that step out of line with something special worth listening to. Play: Hospital Food - Small Man in a Big World Facebook