Hospital Food

Hospital Food - Small Man in a Big World. In the DIY Punk world of anger, noise and mediocrity, there are still bands to be found that step out of line with something special worth listening to. Play: Hospital Food - Small Man in a Big World Facebook

The Godfathers

The Godfathers - You Don't Love Me. The unmistakable Godfathers, from the new album "A Big Bad Beautiful World". Play: The Godfathers - You Don't Love Me Facebook  

Church of EON

Church of EON - All Our Tomorrows. Drawing from the most energetic and powerful moments in rock and roll history the band offers a new take on alternative rock. Play: Church of EON - All Our Tomorrows Facebook

TV Smith

TV Smith - Expensive Being Poor. The  William Shakespeare of Punk, pens another majestic musical social commentary. Play: TV Smith - Expensive Being Poor  

Cock Sparrer

Cock Sparrer - Every Step of the way. In the spirit of this band that has made such an impact on so many people for such a long time, this single rings out with the clarity and truth that Cock Sparrer is so well-renowned for. Play: Cock Sparrer - Every Step of the way Facebook