Roster 10-12

 Roster 10-12 launching 2019! are asking for feedback on creating a new music community site “Roster 10-12” which Is due to launch in early 2019.

Roster 10-12 will be a dedicated free to join and free to use site to promote music and events for the wider spectrum of Punk, Ska, Psychobilly, Oi!, Skin Metal & Indie music, with anything else that provides power passion and melody welcome also.

Roster 10-12

We would like to build and share an alternative space that is dedicated to the music, without the difficulties and insignificant posts that come with mainstream social networks such as Facebook/Twitter.

The free to join/use site intends to provide the following to users:

  • A  space for general discussion around exciting music and gigs, with discussion and opinion, encouraged.
  • A place to promote new tracks, albums, videos, and live events, to a dedicated audience.
  • The opportunity for Self-promotion for Bands, Labels, Venues promoters Festivals etc
  • Posts can contain text, photo’s, music/video links as well as links to a website or social media pages or buying pages.
  • An area to highlight small DIY/home businesses, such as Artist’s, Publications, clothing, Radio etc in keeping with the theme of the site.
  • DIY/Independent labels given space to promote new releases, with reviews & opinion on the music being encouraged.

We would like to ask for any feedback from potentia users of the site, as well as any suggestions or additions that may enhance the above plans.

Please contact us on or leave a message on the contact page above.



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